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We hope that you find the information contained within these pages to be informative, not only on the history of our tribal nation but of the strong future that we envision for our people and the communities that we are apart of.



Kletsel Dehe is proud to provide programs and services to meet the needs of our Citizens.

These programs range from housing and energy assistance, to higher education services and health care. 



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ARPA-FRF Tribal Relief Programs    (Programs Close June 30, 2022)

Form Link

Form Link

July 8, 2021

The Kletsel Dehe Wintun Nation is announcing the availability of Pandemic Tribal Response Plan Programs to aid our tribal citizens who have incurred a negative  financial impact due to the Pandemic.  This assistance is made available to our tribal citizens in accordance with the Kletsel Dehe Wintun Nation, General Welfare Exclusion Policy, and the Nation’s Updated Pandemic Preparedness and Response Plan.


These two programs are available for qualifying tribal citizens for Housing Assistance up $1,500 and Utilities assistance up to $1,000 in a single month, for rent or mortgage assistance, and utilities categories for electrical, water and wastewater utilities, and heating costs for later in the year if applicable.  Qualifying payments are made to the service provider or landlord/financial institution on behalf of the tribal citizen.


Please note, this is a per household cap for both programs in any given month, a qualifying tribal citizen can apply for both housing and utilities program assistance, however, if other tribal citizens residing in the same household apply for the same program the per household cap remains the same for them as the first qualifying applicant in the household.


These programs are funded from the Kletsel Dehe Wintun Nation’s apportionment of Treasury American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Fiscal Recovery Fund (FRF) Relief Funds, and is subject to all the regulations and restrictions placed on the funding by the U.S. Federal Government.

Completed applications with all required documentation can be submitted in the following ways.


P.O. Box 1630

Williams CA, 95987




​​​​​Other forms of assistance to each adult citizen of the nation are in progress and will be announced in a mail-out packet to all tribal citizens.


It is vitally important if you have recently moved that you update your mailing address with the tribal office:  You can submit your updated mailing information to: info@kdwn.org if you're unable to reach the office for any reason.

Housing and Utilities assistance program overview:


Pandemic Response Plan Housing Assistance Program​

  • Must be a KDWN Tribal Citizen.

  • Must describe and certify that you have incurred a negative financial impact due to the pandemic.

  • Up to $1,500 towards a single household’s rent or mortgage cost for the month.

  • “Further details are on program limits and applicability are on the cover page of the application”.


Pandemic Response Plan Utilities Assistance Program

  • Must be a KDWN Tribal Citizen.

  • Must describe and certify that you have incurred a negative financial impact due to the pandemic.

  • Can assist with, Electrical, Heating, or Water Utilities.

  • Up to $1,000 towards a single utility bill or split between multiple utility bills up to the $1,000 limit in a month for designated utilities on the application.

  • “Further details are on program limits and applicability are on the cover page of the application”.

COVID-19 Pandemic Resources & Information

Below are links to our local tribal health clinic organization, State, Federal, and World Health Organization's website's which provide information regarding the Novel (NEW) Coronavirus (COVID-19) and resources and how to access them if you're in the State of California. If you reside in another State of the U.S. please refer to your State's Public Health and Employment Assistance Resources for similar services/information.


Kletsel Dehe Wintun Nation

Phone: (530) 419-5058

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