Boards and Committees are appointed by the Tribal Council to fulfill their assigned duties and responsibilities to the Nation within the scope of their assignment, and/or charters.

Below are a list of current appointments to the various committees, commissions and boards both directly under the Nation and Consortiums the Nation is a member of.

Northern Valley Indian Health Inc. (NVIH)
Tribal Health Consortium

Board Rep. Charlie Wright
Board Rep. Rebecca Pendergraph
Board Rep. Aimee Polit
Board Rep. Avis Bill

Northern Circle Indian Housing Authority (NCIHA)
Tribal Housing Consortium

Commission Rep. Rebecca Pendergraph
Commission Rep. Kyle Bill

Kletsel Economic Development Authority (KEDA)
Tribal Economic Development Corporation

Board Rep. Doc Bill Jr.
Board Rep. Connie Gomez
Board Rep. Aimee Polit
Board Rep. Avis Bill
Board Rep. Elisia Canales
Board Rep. David Bill
Board Rep. Natalia Prince

Kletsel Environmental Regulatory Authority (KERA)
Tribal Environmental Commission

Commission Rep. Charlie Wright
Commission Rep. Rebecca Pendergraph
Commission Rep. Aimee Polit
Commission Rep. Avis Bill
Commission Rep. Kyle Bill

Enrollment Committee
Tribal Committee

Committee Rep. Avis Bill
Committee Rep. Diana Felipe
Committee Rep. Connie Gomez
Committee Rep. Doc Bill Jr.
Committee Rep. Aimee Polit

California Indian Manpower Consortium (CIMC)
Tribal Workforce Development Agency

Tribal Rep. Charlie Wright
Tribal Rep. Rebecca Pendergraph

Election Committee

Commissioner Doc Bill Jr.
Commissioner Connie Gomez
Commissioner Natalia Prince