KDWN Services


Administration supports all tribal operations and is managed by the Tribal Administrator.

Environmental Programs
The Kletsel Environmental Regulatory Authority (KERA) is the tribe's environmental management program whose duties include air quality monitoring, groundwater sampling, non-point source water pollution prevention, community outreach & awareness, inter-tribal/agency collaboration and regulating and monitoring activities that may have a negative impact on the environment of the Rancheria.

Social Services
The newly established Kletsel Dehe Wintun Nation Social Services Department was created to support tribal citizens with a range of growing services in mind, including:

- Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) placement and child welfare assistance services,

- Comprehensive alcohol and drug prevention and intervention services.

- Referral services.

(Additional Services In Planning)

The Fiscal Department is responsible for the accounting of all funds received and expensed by the tribe and for maintaining records of transactions and property.

Educational - Vocational - Employment Assistance
These services are designed to assist Kletsel Dehe Tribal Citizens with Tuition Assistance for those pursuing a college degree or vocational certification at accredited institutes of higher learning, as well as fee support for Adult Education and Employment Assistance in securing or maintaining full time employment with required work uniform or equipment cost assistance.

Tuition Assistance
GED/HSD Fee Assistance
Gainful Employment Assistance